Steve Colquhoun

Journalist. Editor. Copywriter.

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About me

Since starting out on the path to be a journalist almost 30 years ago, I must have written millions of words, forming thousands of stories, for dozens of publications.

Not every single one of them has been a sparkling gem in its own right; but each played a part in shaping the versatile and (some might say) talented writer I have become.

From early days, I cut my teeth on news; embraced the sensuality of feature writing; followed my passions first into sport and then motoring; and – most recently – discovered the intoxicating delights of luxury lifestyle.

Along the way I also trained as a sub-editor, learning from some of this country’s most accomplished wordsmiths how to take a writer’s facts and improve, restructure or edit to create stories that leap off the page. In today’s fast-and-lean news culture, I’m sorry to say that sub-editing is a dying art. However, the polishing skills I have acquired across decades sitting on subs’ desks continue on in the quality of content I produce.

Hang around mainstream media long enough, and someone will make you the boss of something. I have led small but passionate editorial teams in the creation of publications and websites, managing content and honing my news sense. Key to success has been understanding the audience, and delivering the stories they want.

Along the way I’ve added a few other arrows to my quiver – a confident and competent public speaker, a polished video presenter, and a dependable on-the-road correspondent.

Experienced, insightful, diligent and motivated, I’m now a freelance writer available to tell your stories or craft your words into the very best they can become. Let’s start a conversation about what I can do for you.